It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight, New Study Confirms

2021 has officially arrived, and perhaps you’re feeling the effects of having been cooped up more than usual over the past several months. Gained a few extra pounds and concerned with how you might shed them? Not to worry, here’s a study that confirms you can lose weight, and that age is actually not a barrier as so many commonly think!

“It’s never too late to make a change” is one of the most uttered clichés in the fitness industry. Of course, it refers to the idea that you can alter your life—sometimes in a significant way—no matter how old you are. And now, a new study confirms that truth when it comes to losing weight.

Researchers from the University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, both in England, found obese people over the age of 60 are able to lose weight at the same rate as younger people by only using lifestyle changes (changing diets, exercising more, etc.)

This refutes the common misconception that older people have a “reduced ability” to lose weight, lead study author Dr. Thomas Barber, of Warwick Medical School at the University of Warwick, said in a release.

“Age should be no barrier to lifestyle management of obesity,” Barber said. “Rather than putting up barriers to older people accessing weight loss programs, we should be proactively facilitating that process. To do otherwise would risk further and unnecessary neglect of older people through societal ageist misconceptions.”

Researchers looked at the weight loss journey of 242 patients at a weight loss clinic and split them into two groups—one with people under 60 and one with people ages 60 to 78. The older group actually had a bigger average decrease in body weight, 7.3 percent, compared to the younger group, 6.9 percent. Both groups spent a similar amount of time at the weight loss clinic.

The program only used lifestyle-based changes for the weight loss, meaning no surgery was performed to help patients shed weight.

As we’ve written in the past, obese patients who lose weight have shown signs of reversing conditions like diabetes, cancer, and even depression. This new study shows that weight loss can and should be an option for older people who want to improve their quality of life.

Reference: {https://www.muscleandfitness.com/athletes-celebrities/news/its-never-too-late-to-lose-weight-new-study-confirms/}

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Who Needs Pilates?

If I asked a person on the street to close their eyes and imagine a typical Pilates student, I bet their brain would pull up an image of a posh celebrity with a man bun, or a slender woman in a sports bra hanging upside down. In recent years Pilates has gotten a reputation for being elitist, “scary” and expensive. However, that’s just not true here at ABC Pilates! We’re out to prove that not only is Pilates for everyone, but that everyone needs Pilates.

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What Does it Take to Be a Pilates Instructor at ABC?

When I get a phone call from someone shopping around for a new Pilates studio, the very first thing I talk about are the amazing, knowledgeable instructors that we have here at ABC! I point out that our instructors are not just here to “teach” a good class, but to ensure that your form is good, your injuries are taken into consideration with proper modifications, and that you have a safe-yet-effective workout each time you are here.

I know it’s our amazing instructors that keep our clients coming back and staying strong with their fresh ideas for workouts. It’s our instructors that make this studio not just a place to workout, but rather a community. Most importantly, our instructors look at everyBODY as an individual, and they truly care about your goals and how they can help you achieve them.

If you ask any one of our instructors WHY they teach Pilates, I guarantee that it’s not because it’s a stable job, it’s not because it’s greatmoney, and it’s definitely NOT because it’s easy—it’s because they LOVE helping others through movement. It is not WHAT they do, it’s not HOW they do it, it’s WHY they do it.

Our fabulous group of instructors have worked here for years and are dedicated to the clients of ABC! I can’t say it enough, I’m SO proud of each and every one of our instructors, and I’m so grateful that I’m able to work and learn alongside these incredible teachers. I hope you as a client feel the same way!


I love taking ABC Pilates classes from Monica because her classes are challenging yet fun! – Melissa

I really love Charlotte’s classes because she is so patient with her participants. – Pam

Katherine’s classes keep your body tuned as best it can. At my age, some muscles normally don’t get exercised. Not in Katherine’s classes! She helps you be in the best form you’re able. So glad she’s back!!! – LuLu

Elizabeth is very good at reminding you to tighten what needs to be tightened to get the most out of her exercises. “Wrap-wrap-wrap.” – Dawn

I love Bethany’s classes because she cares about “your/mine” experience and getting the most out of your class. She is always attentive to the proper form of Pilates but also adds the fun and spark that makes us work harder. – Lila

To your health,
Julianne Land | abcpilates.com
ABC Pilates Studio Manager & Instructor



Is Your Cognitive Bias Stopping You From Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Have you cultivated a lifestyle of hyperbolic discounting?

For starters, you might want to know what hyperbolic discounting is! I sure didn’t know what it meant until I read a great Nir & Far article “Hyperbolic Discounting: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices”. I’d recommend reading the entire article for some really great info, but essentially hyperbolic discounting is when someone chooses a smaller, immediate reward rather than a larger, delayed reward.

The article described a research experiment that illustrated two choices: Receiving $100 today, or waiting a week and receiving $120. We are impatient and every time the person choose the $100 today for that immediate pleasure rather than the future good. I realized that most people have this cognitive bias, naturally (and unfortunately) many of us do this with our fitness goals!

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Very personable and engaging staff. Not a place "to be seen". I feel at home here. Excellent instructors.
I have been coming to ABC Fit Studio for the past 7 months and I have only wonderful things to say. All the instructions are knowledgeable and provide a personalized experience. I love the variety in every class and have noticed my body and muscles toning. Everyone is very respectful, friendly, and supportive. I definitely recommend this studio for anyone looking for that individual experience while getting a great workout experience. Definitely recommend!!!
Miriam A.
Love this place, excellent instructors.
Ghada Boukai



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