An ABC Year in Reflection

An ABC Year in Reflection

Wow, I cannot believe it’s already the final ABC Pilates newsletter of 2016! As I think back on the year we’ve had here at the studio, I’m just so filled with gratitude toward all our clients, old and new. If you joined us for our annual Client Appreciation Party a few weeks ago, you probably noticed just like I did how unique our little Pilates studio is. Since ABC Pilates first opened its doors, the goal has always been to provide a friendly, non-competitive place for people of all fitness levels to achieve the amazing benefits of practicing Pilates. We didn’t want to be just another place to workout; we wanted it to be a welcoming place, a community of people coming together to support one another. Seeing all of you at the Client Appreciation Party is a yearly reminder that we would not be what we are today without our extraordinary clients.

Click here to view more 2016 Client Appreciation Party photos!
Click here to view more 2016 Client Appreciation Party photos!

YOU are what makes ABC Pilates great and what encourage us to continue to strive to be the BEST Pilates studio in town. Whether you’re sharing a great new recipe with Bethany, laughing together through a tough Amy workout, or mingling after class to make coffee plans with your Yoga crew, I just love seeing the bond between instructors and clients alike. We are more than just a great workout here, we are truly a community.

In addition to the annual Party, I think another thing that reminds me of just how grateful I am for the ABC Pilates community is when someone who left our studio makes their way back; people like Dee, Ingrid and Sheila:

“I started playing tennis 4-5 days a week and just stopped other exercise. For the past year I have thought many times about coming back to regain my core strength and muscle tone which was lost, not to mention several injuries. Recovering from foot surgery was just the push I needed and I love being back in the studio. I am confident that incorporating Pilates back into my routine will only enhance my tennis!” – Dee

“I came back as I enjoy the small classes that basically give you the personal trainer feel without paying the price for a personal trainer. My body was starting to feel stiff and I knew that I’d feel limber soon after coming back again. Touching my toes is quite easy now with no pain. I can keep up with my nieces and nephews much easier” – Ingrid

“After a year’s absence I came back to Pilates because I realized I really missed the classes and even if I have to modify some moves due to various aches and pains, I still benefit from the exercises and feel so much better when I attend. While I was on hiatus, Julianne would occasionally take a casual stroll through the physical therapy suite next door where I was receiving treatment for injuries from an auto accident and encourage me to come back… She was right, of course. Thank you, Julianne! Good to be back.” – Sheila

Whether you’re a returner, seasoned member, or a brand new client, I hope you can feel the love at ABC Pilates as much as I do. I am looking forward much more laughter, sweat, strengthening, stretching, moaning and groaning, tears and cheers in 2017 with every one of you!

To your health,
Julianne Land | abcpilates.com
ABC Pilates Studio Manager & Instructor





I joined ABC looking for a yoga studio but found pilates was more of my speed. This is not just a place to exercise but an environment where friends come together to get fit, healthy, and happy.
I love the instructors who take good care of everyone. I always get the best encouragement possible! I also like the small class sizes for anything from yoga and pilates to Zumba and TRX.
Thanks, ABC Fitness Studio, for making being healthy fun!
— Candice D.
When my wife convinced me to try ABC Fitness, little did I know it would become an almost daily fixture in my life.
I enjoy multiple classes weekly and each is very special in approach to strength, balance, core, flexibility, and overall fitness. Feeling better and stronger physically leads to more enjoyment in all activities.
I feel stronger and fitter and look forward to continuing to rely on ABC Fitness as an integral part of my life.
— John T.
I’ve been doing pilates for almost 3 years now, and I feel stronger and have improved functionally in my daily activities
I was recommended by my physical therapist when I was a patient with many joint problems. My PT thought Pilates would help me, and it did!
I feel stronger, and have a better tone, range of motion, and a stronger core. I can get up from a low sofa with less effort now as my core plus legs are stronger; I owe all these improvements to Pilates. My teacher is patient and kind, always helpful — thank you!
— Surinder B.
ABC has a great variety of group classes, which allows me to take multiple classes and challenge my body in different ways. It keeps the workouts fun and interesting. It helps me reduce stress and keeps me strong!
— Natalie M.
I certainly enjoyed the Pilates session with Charlotte — it provides some pain relief, increased flexibility, and makes me want to be more active.
— Joni
I have been with ABC for about 7 years, and its biggest benefit has to be no more lower back pain and much more flexibility. Love it here!
— Mike P.
I love ABC Fitness!!! Over the years, I’ve worked out at many places, but this is the first one I absolutely love — so much so that I usually come 7 days a week! What is so special are the small classes that mean lots of individual attention, the extraordinarily knowledgeable instructors, and the nice variety of classes. It has been a huge benefit to my well-being.
— Linda T.
My balance has definitely improved, and I feel stronger. The ABC classes are wonderful! Zumba has always been a joy. Great to dance, dance, dance!
— Brenda
ABC has helped me heal from knee surgery. The classes and teachers are amazing! It is a very welcoming and friendly studio.
— Helene C.



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